Friday, March 19, 2010

KOM course

G and I are off to the KOM Community Cycling course tomorrow and Sunday. Will we ever have tips to share on Tuesday! Here's the second question we had to answer for pre-course homework:
What do you think are the top five reasons participants are involved in your community sport program? Rank them in order of importance.
Feel free to answer in the comments. We will mark your responses on our return.


mhandsco said...

5. Mud is fun
4. 'Cause all the cool kids are doing it
3. Gear
2. Two words: killer calves
1. The roar of an adoring crowd

g said...

Hey, you peeked at my sheet.

KK said...

Tight shorts?

team jonny said...

learning to shave your legs around the same time as your female classmates.

tinker t said...

Best way to get a new bike without having to beg. Dad will get so pissed off with trying to fix the old piece of junk after week 2, a new one is automatic.

cory smith said...

The wild all night after parties!!!