Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vicarious DDV

Five races into the Spring Classics Campaign, and things aren't going terribly well for our defending champion. There was a time when he could proudly boast that he had won every FGBC cycling pool he'd ever entered. But those memories are no doubt starting to become a little faded around the edges by now. Mike did not manage to score a single point today. He now sits in a very un-Mike like 24th place. Things weren't much better for his trio of RRR teammates Larry, Chris, and Brad. Larry also notched a goose egg. Chris D managed just 5 points. And Brad had his second consecutive crappy outing. Only 25 points for the Impaler today, which drops him down another six places to 17th overall. Bummer. Remember the first weekend of the season? That was awesome for Brad. Fortunately for the White Brothers, however, they have KK on their side. He scored a big victory today with a 460 point outing. Rachel was just 5 points back. And Jonah rounded out the podium with 365 points.

There is no change to the top three. But it has gotten a lot closer. Jonny B now leads the Fraggle by just 50 points. And Dallas is 80 points back of her. Charlie is still holding down 4th place. But Rachel and KK have moved up to 5th and 6th, respectively, with their good showings today.

Full results and standings here.

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