Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TNR Report

Basically the same ride as last week, but in the other direction. And with fewer misfortunes. But then again, Graham wasn't there. Vic, Jonny G, Thomas, Craig and I were, however.

The highlight of the evening came as we arrived at the klubhaus and spotted a somewhat unconventional looking bike. It looked something like this. We knew that this could only mean one thing: Matt was there. That is good news. The last time he rode with us, it did not exactly turn out well. To be more precise, it turned out rather badly. One second he was enjoying a pleasant conversation with Vic. The next, he was down for the count.

But last night he was back and better than ever. He educated us with a brief rundown of the late 80's/early '90's Massachusetts mountain bike frame building scene. And thought out loud about how we might go about the light project, if it ever gets back on track. Balls have been dropped. Fingers were pointed.

But Matt was not the only special guest in attendance last night. Phil was there too. He provided an update on the fairly significant renovations he is about to undertake. This led to a discussion of multi-generational living arrangements more generally. The conclusions: sometimes they work, somethimes they don't.

With two such esteemed guests in attendance, it was decided that we should proceed with another hat race to finish off the Snow Crit Series. The President took an early lead. But just as he was boasting about winning his first-ever race, the Secretary came around for what appeared to be a tie. So a coin flip was required to determine the sole winner. And the Secretary prevailed. Full results were as follows:

Jonny G

Final overall standings:

Chris 55
Craig 47
Thomas 25
Kevin 24
Jonny G 24
Graham 19
Darryl 19
Luke 18
Brad 14
Vic 14
Bill 13
Penner 9
Tomek 8
Phil 8
Patrick 5
Tristan 2
Matt 2

Jonny G and the Secretary shared about their recent coaching session. Penner and Vic told tales of the big anniversary sale at B&B. We got Matt caught up on the mtb highlight of the summer also known as 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. And finally, the evening was concluded with some talk about the Big Idea. We tried to determine where and how exactly things were going to head south. We concluded that we have no idea, But we remain fairly certain that things will head south at some point. This sort of uncertainty will no doubt keep us entertained for months. And when it finally does head south, the good news is that the Secretary will be there to record it on film.

Almost as exciting as Matt's return was the return of the regular tunes. Zeppelin was playing when we first sat down, and it only got better with the Allmans, Skynyrd, Journey, and more. The Weezer streak has come to an end.

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