Wednesday, March 03, 2010

TNR Report

Sometimes you have to fall back on Plan B. Our race course was too icy. Ice is not bad in and of itself. We demonstrated that three weeks ago at the IceTT. But the combination of ice and ramps and sharp corners and big limestone retaining walls seemed like a bad idea. So we took some time to savor our espresso at the Junkshon. And then enjoyed a nice ride back to the klubhaus on the river trail, which is set to close tomorrow.

Upon our arrival at the F&H, we were serenaded by some old guy in a Twins cap who, while outside for a smoke break, took the opportunity to gush about how awesome we are. His exact words were, "you guys are awesome." Which is interesting, since we have been known to say that about ourselves from time to time. He told us how he used to ride a bike back in the day and thanked us for being such an inspiration. We shrugged, humble characters that we are, and thanked him for his words of approval. He asked us where he could buy a bike. We told him there is a good shop just down the street called Olympia.

We didn't abandon the race altogether, however. It was just relocated to the klubhaus where eight pieces of paper with our names scribbled on them were thrown into a hat. We included Vic and the Secretary too. They didn't technically ride their bikes yesterday, but they worked pretty hard in their hockey game. We also included the Cricket because he is out of town attending to more important matters. And also because he is involved in a fierce battle for the overall title in the Snow Crits Series. But mostly because we like him.

The old guy in the baseball cap drew the first name. Thomas drew the rest. The results of Snow Crit #5 are as follows:

Jonny G

Overall standings with one more race to go:

Chris 50
Craig 41
Kevin 24
Thomas 22
Jonny G 20
Graham 19
Luke 18
Brad 14
Bill 13
Darryl 9
Tomek 8
Vic 7
Patrick 5
Tristan 2

There was a conversation. It was invigorating. As for the tunes, I didn't recognize a single one. I'm told, however, that the Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Red Hot Chili Peppers were included. Different.

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the secretary said...

I'm enjoying my moment on the podium quite a bit, thank you.