Thursday, March 11, 2010

MCA Road Meeting

There is an MCA Road Committee Meeting this evening. Although the FGBC has a less-than-overwhelming presence on the strictly road side of racing, cyclocross still officially falls under the Road Committee's bailiwick, so sometimes issues are raised that affect (the rest of) us. I haven't been at all the meetings, but if there are issues to discuss that we want input on, I can be there tonight.
The agenda is posted here:
Things that we might want to weigh in on include the idea of a Cup Series in cyclocross - certain designated races counting toward a points series, with its own jersey. There are a lot of these on the mountain side of things; do we want to see something like this for cross?
The second thing is the Commissaire issue. The MCA is considering running a one-day class for Commissaires. At least part of the cost, and possibly all of it, may be covered by the MCA. Is anyone interested?
Please post some feedback on these or any other issues. Given the inclusive nature of our collective, I would encourage anyone to comment, regardless of whose flag you race under.
If anyone wants to attend the meeting, it's at 5:00 tonight at the MCA's new office at 145 Pacific.

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