Monday, March 08, 2010

This seems like a really dumb idea

Via the WFP:
Bridge could kill toboggan slide

It could be the final run for a Wolseley winter play area. The recreational space, a popular toboggan hill on the edge of Wolseley near Omand's Creek, could be in danger thanks to a city plan to build a $1-million bicycle bridge over the creek. The city revealed the two bridge proposals to residents last week. One would put a 75-metre bridge high over the creek, anchoring on what is now the toboggan hill on the west side and Raglan Road on the east. The other proposal would see the bridge farther south, taking away a section of the hill used by smaller children. The bridge will replace an older, low-lying crossing point that is at risk of flooding in the spring. A meeting with community members and city officials about the bridge is scheduled at the Portage Avenue Mennonite Church on Thursday (open house at 5:30 p.m; meeting at 7 p.m.).
Longer story here.

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