Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Asteasuko ZK

ZK as in Ziklo-Krossa. It's one of the few Basque terms without at least one combination of Ts and Xs. It was so much work just getting to Spain that they decided to stay and race a second day. Nys won it, ahead of Pauwels and Albert. The Dark Lord won the vicarious version, ahead of Jonny G. Jay, Ian, and Gary wedged themselves onto the third podium step. No significant change to the overall standings. But Gary wasted no time celebrating his crossing of the 10,000 point threshold. He's over 11,000 now.

Full results and standings here.


co2cycle said...

Points for a C2 race in Spain, but where is the love for Page's podium at the C2 Grand Prix Julien Cajot? Just because he can't jump on a private jet to get to races doesn't mean he's completely sandbagging--Lars Boom was there too.

The Dark Lord said...

I feel your pain. I have Page too. But nobody in the pool has anyone on their team who did that race in Luxembourg and who is not named Jonathan Page. Meanwhile, in Asteasuko each of the top 10 riders is on at least on team in the pool. Make sense? Your question would be better put to Mr. Page. If you're going to forgo a pretty awesome American scene to race in Europe, why go with the second tier races?