Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Azencross Results

Josh wins. Remember him? He had 460 points today. Second place went to one of our all time favourite people, King Andy. And Jonny G rounded out the podium. He no doubt made the podium girls smile.

In the overall race, Gary's fortunes seem to be mirroring those of Sven Nys. He conceded another 65 points today. But first place is only 75 points away. That deficit could easily be erased if Klass Vantornout would show up and actually race one of these days. Between Gary and me, it basically comes down to Albert (me) vs. Vantornout and Franzoi (him). We both have Nys and Page. The other American men are irrelevant at this point. And our three women are also identical. In addition, I have Jonathan Lopez on my squad. He is either retired or dead. Either way, he has not raced once this year.

Full results and standings here.

The bell lap is worth watching, if only for Nys's late race crash in the pit:

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