Thursday, December 23, 2010

TNR Report

Best ride of the year? Probably not. There were not enough crashes. Other than KK and the Hipster getting tangled up on the bridge at Omand's Creek, there was very little carnage. And the Cricket wasn't there.

But it was nevertheless a very awesome ride. A classic I Hate Winnipeg adventure. We slogged our way through the Ass. Forest. And then Gianni shepherded us to the snow hill. We climbed it. It is high. At least for a big pile of snow. And then we rode down. Good times. The guys in the trucks thought it was pretty awesome too. They tooted their horns with approval before heading back to their job of cleaning the streets for us.

Sadly, we forgot the FGBC flag to mark our presence at the summit. But we will be back. Possibly as early as Jan. 16. That is when Greed Cross is scheduled to go down. Gianni is the race director.

Good times at the klubhaus as well. JP and his friend from Vancouver brought treats from A&W. And KK treated us to a round of 56 herbs. There was another near altercation with Lisa. This time it was not Brad the Impaler but the Hipster who almost dropped the gloves.

Tunes: the Cheap Trick streak continues.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I've always dreamed of trying out that snow hill.
You guys got game! Reindeer game?