Saturday, December 04, 2010


Apparently, the women raced in Geiten last Sunday as well. They were not included in the results on But the FGBC's Dept. of Low Stake Gambling is fortunate to be served by a gaggle of industrious interns. They scoured the interwebs and managed to track down the results elsewhere.

My girlfriend did not win. She was second behind Daphny Van den Brand. There are also significant implications for the 2011 FGBC CX Pool, most notably for the fierce battle for third overall currently being fought by Jonah and Olli. Van den Brand's win means that Olli holds onto his third place standing after all.

The standings have been corrected: here.

There is no vicarious racing in Europe today. But the next round of the World Cup goes down in Basque land tomorrow. That is, if the riders can find a way to get there. A strike by Spanish airline workers threatens to leave Sven Nys and some others stranded in Mallorca. Over on this side of the pond, the USGP series heads to Portland. Those races are always awesome. Velonews is streaming it live. Women at 3:45 our time, and men at 5pm.

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