Saturday, January 01, 2011

GP Sven Nys Results

Two in a row for Jonny B. He racked up 355 points to win Sven Nys's eponymous race. Eponymous races seem like a good idea. Just think of how much fun it could be to race the GP Jonny B. Or perhaps the GP Penner. Actually, that would be scary. The GP Brad the Impaler would no doubt dole out heaping portions of pain, suffering, and other churlish delights. And the GP Jonny G would leave us all smiling from an excessive flow of good times. Perhaps that will be our theme for Nordic Cross if we ever manage to finish with the seven deadly sins. We could draw names from a hat at the klubhaus--because random is awesome--and watch the goodness unfold.

Anyway, Brad and Gary rounded out the podium today. They ended up tied with 335 points apiece. Vantornout finally found the front of the race again, which was good news for Gary. Perhaps he was motivated to put in a good ride to help give his new kit a proper debut. Either way, it helped Gary narrow the gap a bit. He pulled back 50 points today and now sits just 125 points back of first overall.

Full results and standings here.

Watch the last lap and the impressive final kick by Nys:

No, we're not done yet. There is one more race to go before what will no doubt seem like an interminable break. The Fidea CX Classic in Tervuren goes down tomorrow. The women will be racing this one too.

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