Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday Anticipation--Updated

The Update: details for Pride Cross have just come in over the wire. More info on Sloth Cross too. Scroll down.

Once again, Friday is the new Thursday. That is cool. Observing Thursdays on Thursday is so predictable.

1) CX Worlds Breakfast Party

The poosher is turning 40. And he is throwing a party at his palace. It will start at 4am this Sunday with live coverage of the women's race. The men's race is at 7am. We hope to have better luck with the video feed this year. But watching the live twitter stream on the big screen last year was strangely compelling. It sounds like it is going to be muddy. And it would be so much more fun to see the mud than to read about it. But either way it will be awesome. Awesome or awesomer: those are our options. Bring something to eat for breakfast. And a present for the birthday boy.

2) Vicarious Arrowhead

Ian, Lindsay, and Dallas heading south for a winter vacation this weekend. But they are not heading for sun and sandy beaches. Their kind of vacation calls for a 135 mile race on snowmobile trails in Northern Minnesota. Halberto will be there too. Always tagging along looking for the next big party, that guy. He has not promised any twitter updates. That is totally lame. But he did suggest he might post something on the Olympia blog from time to time. We will link it here too. We will also link Lindsay's GPS feed so that you can track his progress.

More importantly, we will reprise the vicarious Arrowhead race that happened last year. Your task is twofold: (a) predict the finish order for all three of them (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). (b) Predict the finishing time for each of them, rounded to the half-hour (e.g., 21 hours, 32.5 hours, etc). Your score will based on the difference between your predictions and their actual finishes. So if you pick Ian to win and he finishes 2nd, you get 1 point. The LOWEST score wins. It's like golf. Everyone knows cycling is the new golf, just as Friday is the new Thursday.

For bonus points, predict how many days it will be before Halberto hops onto the Pugsley bandwagon.

Note that Dallas is planning to run it. His finish order is relative to the other runners. His time, obviously, is absolute. Just as Dallas is an absolute stud.

The race begins Monday at 7am. Send in your entries here before Monday at 9am.

To read more about the race, including past year's results, go here.

3) Nordic Cross

Thank-you Halberto. This looks awesome.

And in other Nordic Cross news, the poosher confirmed yesterday that his palace will serve as the HQ for Sloth Cross aka 24 (or is it 48?) Hours of Clint. Jan. 19-20 or Jan. 19-21. More details coming soon. But we can tell you already that it will cost $20 to race this year.

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