Saturday, January 15, 2011

Introducing the Sweetest Cap in the World

Technically, this one falls under the portfolio of Tony H, VP Style. But he was busy sunning himself in Mexico, Phoenix, and other more moderate climes. You didn't think that tan was fake, did you? Fortunately, we at the FGBC have learned over the years how to cover each others' backs. That is the secret to our ability to keep the greatest show on two wheels churning along year after awesome year for almost a decade now.

Not to be lost in the hectic shuffle of this past Tuesday Night's roster of good times was the official launch of the sweetest cap in the world. This took place by way of an impromptu fashion show toward the end of the evening after Lisa had changed the station from Loverboy and other old school tunage to some newer and sexier beats. Jonny G, ever the aspiring model and all-around attention whore, pulled a mysterious dark item out of his messenger bag. He positioned it atop his curly locks, and strutted around the table for a lap or two. It was awesome. Even the VLT set stopped dropping loonies for a moment and took in the sweet spectacle that was unfolding before them.

Here it is, in a slightly less spectacular context, modeled by one of the Dark Side's growing cadre of cadets:

The cap was produced by our very own Charlene. Some know her as the Mennonite Lady. In addition to kicking ass on the local cx circuit, she serves as the FGBC's official couturier. We are lucky to have her among us. Those who are not so lucky can still get in on the action by heading over to Olympia on Portage where some of her fine work is available for purchase. But not the official FGBC racing cap. This one is reserved for the very darkest of the Dark Side.


Tom K said...

One for moi, s,il-vous-plait!

Cash on the barrel? ... was kostet das?

Anonymous said...

Incase you didn't understand The Dude's lines in True Grit: