Friday, January 14, 2011

Thursday Anticipation: Special Friday Edition

2011 is apparently in a bit of a hurry. The days are flying by so fast that we can't keep up. And so, as happens from time to time, Friday is the new Thursday. At least for this week. The more routine bound among us might find this difficult. But in the end it's good news. It means the Spring Ride will be upon us that much sooner. We will pass under the 100 day plateau before you know it. That is exciting.

There is still some waiting to be done, however. Thankfully, Gianni has stepped up to keep us preoccupied with other things.

1) Our opportunity to explore the sin of greed goes down this Sunday. It all sounds very intriguing. There are lots of instructions. With so many details, there is bound to be a twist or two. The only question is what it will be. Sometimes these things take on a life of their own. Just ask Juan Eppstein how he managed to embody all the wrath that was served up by Impaler at last year's Wrath Cross. All the props will no doubt serve to enhance the carnage that is about to be unfurled.

2) As if that wasn't enough, Gianni has also served up a Greed Cross appetizer of sorts. Starting on Saturday at 3:30 am (!) is a four lap series of rides out to Headingly and back via the Harte Trail. Each lap is dedicated to a pro cyclist so awesome that they are known simply by their first names: Tom, Eddy, Jan, and Jens. Two Belgians and two Germans. How can you go wrong? Other than planning it for a weekend I can't attend. The other problem is that the acronymn based on their names has one too many Js. Still, you might consider bringing along a bottle of Ethiopian mead to keep you warm through the night. For those who are unable to do the whole thing, Gianni has been kind enough to supply a schedule so that people can join in for any one of the individual laps. He only asks that you let him know that you are planning to show up (and for which lap) so that he can make sure to look out for you. All the pertinent details can be found here.

3) The other bit of good news is that the River Trail is now open for business. This year it goes from the Forks to Churchill Dr. Park. It is a bit shorter than usual. But it is nicely situated for a kick-ass course for Sloth Cross that, by the sounds of things, will once again be based at the poosher's palace. Course planning rides will commence shortly. We still have yet to settle on the theme for the film festival portion of the event. The latest suggestion is Dude Fest: 24 Hours of Jeff Bridges. Other suggestions are 24 Hours of Clint and 24 Hours of SCTV alumni. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

if it's a clint eastwood theme, i've got aboot 21 hours of films covered... (Liam)

The Dark Lord said...

I expect there will be a vote about this. Actually, given the way we do things, probably a series of votes over successive Tuesdays. We are just over a month away, so we should probably start this Tuesday. If there are any other ideas for film festival themes, now would be the time to lay them on the table.

Anonymous said...

Please include my vote for Clint.

The Dark Lord said...

Clint and the (real) Dude did appear in at least one movie together: Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. That should be on the program either way. Unless we go the SCTV route.

Gianni said...

Greedcross sign in will be in the garage, behind 781 Beaverbrook. Bring your stuff. More stuff.

The guru