Tuesday, January 04, 2011

These videos are awesome

It is nice to see the women CXers getting their due. They always get left out of the standard highlight packages. But these women radiate radness. Especially my girlfriend, the ever smiley SVP. These videos also provide a much better sense of the courses than what we get from the television coverage. The course in Zolder looks particularly nasty. And Kalmthout was the race at which Halberto was allegedly present. But he somehow managed to elude the camera. Either that or he wasn't really there.


Anonymous said...

You know what else is awesome?

Great book and I'm not even a fan of the fella but I sure respect the shit out him and those crazy pro bikers.

Dallas " trash talk shouldn't start at home:)" Sigurdur

Adam said...

Sweet! More please!
Wicked editing (I especially like the slo-mo closeups of the wheels in both videos). And never mind leggings, in Zolder, with all the snow, Katie Compton is so badass she isn't even wearing GLOVES!

Brad the Impaler said...

They are awesome. But I miss Hanka.

Tom K said...

Great videos, thanks for the links Chris.

Boy Racer? He's full of himself, but can back it up ... fair enough!