Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Anticipation [Updated]

[Update - 5:11 pm] Math is hard. The first Spring Ride was in 2003. Hence the bikeclub2003. 2003 was 8 years ago. That makes this the ninth ride, not the eighth. The poster has been corrected. Also, the FGBC's Dept. of Communications received a package from the 2011SOB HQ earlier this afternoon with a poster for the Impaler's gravel road race. It has been added below. It looks a little foreboding with the dark cloud and all. But the Impaler is a foreboding presence. Some would even say he is himself a dark cloud. But they've never seen him jiggle with laughter. In reality he is a beaming ray of sunshine.

1) Gianni reminds us that the first race of the season is one month from today in Bruxelles. He says it's time to hit BHP for some laps. That will happen on Sunday at 1pm.

2) Gianni was right about riding at BHP. But he was wrong about the first race of the season. It is actually just over three weeks away. The real season begins with Rated RRR, the Impaler's gravel road race. It goes down in just over three weeks, on April 10.

3) More importantly, Rated RRR also features the first dogfest of the season.

4) Vicarious racing turns it up a notch this weekend. Milan - San Remo is on Saturday. Remember there are 500 points up for grabs to the winner of this one. You don't want to lay a goose egg in La Primavera.

To get us all in the mood, watch my boyfriend stick it to the field in the 2008 edition.

5) Last but not least, only 10 weeks to Farrah.

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KK said...

Sweet, sweet Farrah. She makes all wrongs right. And then some.