Wednesday, March 02, 2011

TNR Report

In retrospect, it would have been prudent to check out the condition of the course ahead of time. But prudent is not exactly what we are. Our course was essentially a long sheet of freshly flooded ice. Which is to say it did not feature any of the texture provided by skate blades cutting the surface that we have enjoyed in previous years. So to say it was just a little bit slippery is like saying the Impaler is just a little bit awesome. There were crashes. Lots of crashes. Maximum heart rates were not even close to being reached in this ITT. It was more a matter of trying to stay upright. Most aquitted themselves reasonably well in that department. I did not. Ice is hard. Much harder than math, let alone waiting. It is especially hard when you encounter it with a knee that is not fully recovered from a previous rendesvous with the ice. Thanks to Bill for sacrificing his race in order to tend to a fallen comrade.

As for the race, the Cricket ate the rest of us for lunch. He must have been very hungry after sanding drywall at Jonny G's place all evening. He won by almost two minutes. It must be the low centre of gravity. Jonny G and the Hipster rounded out the podium.

Full results:

Craig - 14.39
Jonny G - 16.03
Mark - 16.09
KK - 16.55
Brad - 17.06
Bill - 20.00 (a good chunk of that time was spent keeping me from crying)
Chris - DNF

At the klubhaus, we talked about injuries. Bill entertained us with a story about bike insurance and combination locks. The Secretary told us of his recent encounter with Johnny Law, not to mention an errant Hummer. Juan Eppstein showed up to do penance for brushing off the Impaler. We tightened up some of the details regarding the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. We tried to make sense of the significance of a recent connection of sorts that was made with the Honorary Captain. And we explained to the Hipster how the ban works. Needless to say, we talked about the new Sweetest Jersey in the World and how sweet it is. Finally, we solved the mystery that is the SOB. It was all very anti-climactic in the end.


Anonymous said...

That's what she said

g said...

chris are you o.k.?
cousin thomas...too easy.

The Dark Lord said...

I have been better. But I will bounce back. Preferably on a surface that is springier than ice.