Thursday, March 10, 2011

TNR Report

In the end, the Campaign to End Winter did not get launched. Our ride in the Ass. Forest was so sweet that the Hipster openly admitted to wishing that winter would last a bit longer. The conditions were not right for a table thumping demonstration of defiance. So we called up the media and told them not to bother showing up at the klubhaus. Which is just as well, since the klubhaus was all but deserted when we arrived. There was just a single pathetic soul sitting at the bar. He was not there for the pomp and ceremony of the campaign launch. All he wanted to know was where the nearest strip club was. We were not able to help him.

The tunes sucked. So much so that we had to suffer through Rick Ocasek's hollow voice not once, but twice. We asked for the station to be changed. Happily they obliged.


Anonymous said...

!Brad - duck, and Johnny, heads up!

KK said...

Wow, Jon. Hoping to drive for Arvid this summer?