Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TNR Report

As far as rides go, it was a short one. But more importantly, we managed to avoid drowning in any of the massive puddles that are springing up all over the place. We hit the parking garage and spent some time pondering the awesomeness of an Exchange District Crit. Especially if it finished with a climb up the corkscrew.

On the way over to the klubhaus, we encountered a kindred spirit of sorts on Portage Ave. She was jogging. That part we cannot identify with. But she was also carrying a bag of chips. We can get behind that. It made us think of the chip buffet, which is now only 71 days away. And Graham's knee.

The klubhaus was noticeably busier than it was last week. Somebody turned the kids loose. Eddie was back too. We hadn't seen him in a while. Or heard him. But he was in fine form again, singing along to the tunes. He was a couple of beats behind, of course, and swaying all the while. But he did not fall down. Still living the high school dream. For something like 40 years. We wondered whether he mistook years for days in his attempt to follow the lenten beer diet. Spiritual disciplines can be so confusing. For a while, he was joined by a duet parter. They sang along to Eddie Money. It is doubtful that our Eddie noticed. He lives mostly in his own little world. It is not a world of flourishing orchids. But at least it has a good soundtrack.

The Impaler was not among us last night. He did not say why he missed the ride. We can only surmise that meant he was doing that thespian thing he does. He is so coy about that talent of his. KK was not there either. He says his back is wrecked. We suspect maybe he has taken up acting too.

Among other things, last night marked the conclusion of another season of Hummelt Hockey. The game was a letdown. The goalies, they are getting so big. But Vic was pretty pumped about the fact that he will be riding with us again next Tuesday. Just as the Secretary was pretty pumped about his trip to Puerto Vallarta.

We probably talked about some other stuff too.

The tunes were hit and miss. The Cars were on again. They sucked just as much as they did last week. Possibly even more. Fortunately, we only had to listen to them once. Sir Elton serenaded us as well. We were not so sure what we thought about that. Early Rush went over quite a bit better. Except for the part about lyrics. Neil Peartless, the Secretary thought they were quite poor.

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