Monday, October 31, 2011

Garage Sale!

I have been thinking about starting an FGBC "For Sale" page for a while. A place where we can buy, sell and trade bike stuff or make members of our community aware of stuff posted elsewhere (kijiji, ebay, a sign in the co-op...) that may be of interest. I'll run it to start and we can see how that shakes down and others can be added as necessary.

In the meantime, send me a picture and description with price of anything you'd like to move. I'll see about getting the Garage Sale added to the blogs list on the main FGBC page, add it to your blogroll or follow via the top right.

I've posted some of my stuff to get it started and will be posting a bike or two, more stuff and a frame in the next couple of days.

mhandscombe - at - gmail


Anonymous said...

Good idea, but the link is broken.

The Dark Lord said...

Yes, good idea. Thanks Matt.

The broken link was just a cut and paste error. Try this:

mhandsco said...

Oops! Fixed.