Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

This week is Southern Cross. Back in 2007, it was our very first foray into putting on a cyclocross race. It is all grown up now and the ABES run the show these days. But it should still hold a special place in the Dark Side's collective heart. To say that every FGBCer is expected to be there is to state the obvious. But sometimes we find the obvious worth stating. Which is why we find ourselves calling out "pole" every time we see one up the road on a night ride.

There hasn't been an edition of Southern Cross in which it hasn't set a new record for highest attendance numbers for a cyclocross race in Manitoba. Last year, they got 134 to MennoCross's 133 (though we never did hear back after requesting a recount). This year, they will have to go over 178. Can it happen? Show up Sunday to find out.

Head over the CXMB for all some very important stuff from Gary the CX Czar.

And find your Southern Cross info here.


Anonymous said...

I will be there. Any chance someone here is driving out and has room in their bike rack/truck bed just for my bike? I'd like to get one last ride on the Honda before it's too cold.

Colin said...

Mark- my truck is going on Sunday. There is room. I may be able to join you for the inaugural FGBC vintage Honda tour.

Anonymous said...

No way, sweet!