Thursday, October 20, 2011

TNR Report

It was cold. So the Giant chose a route that went as far south as possible. It made no difference. It didn't get any warmer. The turn in the weather led us to consider the annual winter 24 Hour Race. It's not clear what the implications will be from the big winter race Gianni is planning on the traditional weekend. Things will probably change a bit. But we will find a way to make it work. One thing we are able to say is that a proposed program for the Film Festival portion of the weekend is gaining some traction. Things may change yet, but the early leader is 24 Hours of Bill Murray.

Cold as it was outside, it was warm inside the kulbhaus. Especially since Brad the Impaler was spewing fire as he recounted the recent MCA Town Hall meeting. We wondered whether we could round up nine folks to fill the vacant board positions. That way we could move the board meetings to the klubhaus.

We spent some time debriefing Altona and confirmed once again that this year's course was the best we've ever had there. And we also looked ahead to the next couple of cx races. Details for CrossTastic are up. And we learned that there are changes in store for the big RRR Halloween Bash. But we are pretty excited about the new location they have chosen. It has everything you want in a course. We will let them make the announcement though. Hopefully that will happen soon.

We also talked about the new offering from the other FGBC. It was affirmed as a promising new development. We hope the new "Brewmasters Series" is more than just a series of one. That would be pretty disappointing. Almost as disappointing as the not-exactly-sweet tunes Malorie spun for us.

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Brad the Impaler said...

The RRR Marketing Guy will have something to say soon. It is going to be awesome.