Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at the Camp Report

Good times, boys and girls. Very good times. That was a lot of fun. Camp Ass. turned out to be as sweet as we thought it would be for racing cyclocross. Some might even say it was super sweet. The whoops were a big crowd pleaser (stupid Graham). As was the biggest barrier in the world. The run-up was old pure skool goodness. And the twisty section in the bowl by the pool was a lot of fun too.

The Dark Side did alright in the A Race. JP had a good start and held on for fifth place. Graham and I found ourselves in an extended scrap and spent much of the second half of the race trading punches. He may have won the hearts of the crowd with his brazen moves on the whoops. But at the end of his day it was his skinny ass that got whupped. So the Awesome One had to settle, once again, for seventh. And while his results cannot technically be counted for the FGBC just yet, our newest recruit, the Finnish Funkmaster, channeled his inner darkness to give the young phenom a run for his money. In the end, Brother Olli found himself standing upon the second step of the podium. Nice. And finally, but perhaps most importantly, Jonny G bested his Butter Belt twin KK, who may have had the crash of the day at the biggest barrier in the world. Sadly, the Cricket was not there to witness that or any of the other good times that were had.

Other than the fact that Unger caused a major pileup at the whoops, we do not know how things played out in the B Race. But rest assured, everyone was at their awesomest. Almost as awesome as the ursine awesomeness that was Cousin Thomas brought to the C Race.

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Anonymous said...

Great picture of Pitcher owning the Barrier followed by a wicked-awesome action shot of The Impaler looking like he's actually moving. Very impressive.