Thursday, October 13, 2011

TNR Report

Another sweet night for a ride. Apparently winter is coming soon. And they say it will hit us hard. But there was no evidence of that on Tuesday.

We were joined by a stranger in a DarkCross shirt. That was kind of cute.

The Hipster has wool on his mind. Stay tuned.

There were some tricky sections to navigate. But we survived.

And the Secretary did some secretarial things.

Back at the klubhaus, a good bit of time was spent trying to figure out why the Impaler wouldn't see fit to join us after his test. We were unable to come up with anything that made sense. We also spent some time weighing the relative merits of some potential new cx venues. There are some changes coming down the pipe. But don't worry boys and girls. Nothing's fucked here. Except for maybe the tunes. Which went all country on us for a moment. But we voiced our displeasure and managed to get it back on the rails.


Anonymous said...

there was some significant headway made in the wool department today. stay tuned for some option.

Gianni said...

Anyone see the Impaler's TV spot? Nice work.

Brad the Impaler said...

Old people need their rest.

And yes, we are just like you.