Saturday, October 01, 2011

MennoCross Results

173 riders. 2 less than DarkCross. Not bad. Actually, there were 178 riders in total. We missed a few DNFs on the first count. So we've set a new record for participation at a cyclocross race in Manitoba, surpassing the old record we set two weeks ago at DarkCross by 3. Well done, boys and girls.

The FGBC is committed to same day results. Except for DarkCross, where we are still enjoying the Dark Side's post-race rehydration program well into the next day. We made it just under the wire for MennoCross. Thanks to Humulus Ludicrous for the help.

Results for MennoCross are available here.

Also, make sure to check out the Hipster's sweet photos.


Kim said...

Great course folk... you've had some crap luck with the wind at your races but the course was an A+

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite to the party guys. It was freakin Awesome!!!!
As always you kids put on the classiest events.

Dallas " yowza this is a fast year for cross." Sigurdur

luke enns said...

loved the course. hated riding it during the race. loved thinking about it afterward.