Thursday, July 26, 2012

Don't Get Mad, Get Mad Alchemy

We are very pleased to announce a partnership with Mad Alchemy Embrocation. Their sweet logo will no doubt enhance the sweetness of the forthcoming sweetest skinsuit in the world that we are designing for Dark Red Racing. But more importantly, they will help our bodies survive the rigours that a cyclocross season in Manitoba can throw at them. If ever there was a place where warming balms could be considered a basic necessity, it would probably be Winnipeg. We may not be the fastest CXers on the local circuit, but we will be the warmest and best smelling thanks to Pete Smith's aromatic blends. And his chamois creams will help us tend to the situation on the inside of the sweetest skinsuit in the world as well.

For those not associated with the Dark Red Side, you will have an opportunity to get your hands on some of their magic potions if you show up at DarkCross. MAE is also partnering with us on that effort by supplying us with some of their sweet products for draw prizes and special race primes.

1 comment:

Brad the Impaler said...

I'll bet confusing Embrocation and Chamois cream is a mistake a person would make only once.