Monday, July 09, 2012

Stages 8-9

Bill won stage 8, in part because he was the only person to take a chance on a young man named Thibault Pinot. Catherine and Brad rounded out the podium.

Steve and Jonny B had to share the win today. They had 290 points each. Troy finished third, just 5 points back.

Yes, Jason still leads the overall race. He's up to 1780 points now. Aaron C is in second with 1620 points. And Rachel is third overall. She has 1595 points.

As for the real race, there must have been a mistake with the timing system. It says my boyfriend lost an ITT to a couple of skinny British dudes. That can't be right.

Full results and overall standings here.


Anonymous said...

Can you be sure not to put me below Zach in the event of a tie?

Furthermore, what's the prize for least riders to finish? Beer?

zpeters said...

Oh is Thomas sad that his roommate is equally as terrible as he is at this Tour de France pool picking crap shoot of a game!?

It's okay Cousin Thomas...after stage 10 we won't be tied any longer anyways and my name will remain above yours in the standings for the rest of the tour anyways.