Saturday, July 07, 2012

Stages 6-7

Well that sucks. First the big crash that took out a whole pile of contenders. And today Team Sky confirmed that they are going to make this a very boring race. Good for them. That is probably what they have to do. But it sure makes for lousy spectating.

Fortunately, the vicarious racing is much more interesting. Elisha, Randy, and Mike shared the win on Stage 6. They have 185 points apiece. And then Brad and Catherine crossed the line holding hands on Stage 7. They both picked up 205 on the first mountain stage of this year's Tour.

Unlike my boyfriend, Jason did not lose his lead today. With 1435 points, he is 95 points ahead of Rachel. Aaron C rounds out the top three. He's another 25 points behind Rachel.

Full results and overall standings here.

If anyone is curious to see how the record number of withdrawals has affected the 2012 FGBC TdF Pool, have a look at the list of teams again. The riders in bold have all quit the race.

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Olli said...

Oh man....CX it is. My main GC guy is out and the rest of the team sucks balls.