Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TNR Report

Does anybody know where we can find a good intern? The Dark Side's activities are running way ahead of the capacity of the Communications Dept. to document them. We could use some help. Preferably good help. And free. In any case, here's another week late TNR Report.

The Generator Project cannot be declared a success just yet.

We're assuming the President was working. Otherwise, he'd be riding with us for sure.

The Cricket tried out the Big Frame's big Frame. He said it was as big as advertised.

We ran into a local hero at the vendor. He said he'd save us if we were drowning.
But since we weren't, he asked if we'd buy him a six-pack instead. We politely declined.

We are an equal opportunity bike club.

By the time we arrived at the klubhaus, the bike with the rake was still there.
We probably talked about a bunch of stuff and made some important decisions. But unfortunately, I can't remember what any of them were. So we'll have to try again tonight.

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