Thursday, July 26, 2012


There was only one team whose Darkness was rated at 100 proof. We didn't win. But neither did we lose. Good times. The Dark Side's newest member was also there. Her team didn't win or lose either. And Charlene rode with a team from Altona. They are practicing for the Provincial ITT Championships that will take place down in their part of the world next weekend. And they did win! Probably the best prize of all. They each took home a pair of the Sweetest Socks in the World for winning the Best Team prize.

The Cricket wasn't allowed to stand beside us
because he forgot to bring his cyclocross bike.
Dogfest. Please note the cooking utensil.
Mike once again confirms that there isn't a job
for which he doesn't have adequate tools.
Awards ceremony.
Who needs a stage when you have the back of a pick-up truck?
These guys were the fastest team.
They won a broken clock.
Lots more photos from Tom K here.

Thanks to Adam and Mike for organizing. And for all the volunteers who helped out. That was a lot of fun. We should do it again next year.


g said...

Great times.

Any race that ends with a Dog Fest is super Sweet.

Brad the Impaler said...