Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Short ride last night. But a sweet one nonetheless. What was missing on the distance front was more than adequately compensated for in the bone chilling ride home. Much of the discussion, at least later on in the evening, followed a musical thread. From reminiscing about our favourite Whitesnake videos to exploring the cultural significance of Radiohead and Joy Division, and many points in between. On the way back home, the editor and I previewed the course for a new Tuesday Night race series. Still in the R&D stage at this point, but it's coming together nicely. Keep your dial tuned to this station for an announcement coming soon. Yes, the excitement never ends at the FGBC.

And now for the bad haiku rendering of the evening:

Bert's new bike is sweet
Is it missing some gears, though?
You only need two?

Radiohead, or
the Philosophy of Pop
Lots to ponder here

OTT: Giant Bear, Clementine

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