Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ski Club

The president, as you all know, has some well-documented balance issues. We've all witnessed it once or twice by now. Lakeside docks, tiny tree stumps, the Omand's Creek bridge pole. Even the most negligible obstacle is an adventure with our hallowed figurehead leader.

One might reasonably conclude, then, that skiing would not be a wise idea. But the president is a courageous little soldier. Always up for the challenge. That's why he's the president. Here he is at Wildwood last night. Good times.

The president has also just undergone a much anticipated job change. No more somnambulism for him, we hope. And hopefully no more interventions required from us either. We expect to be seeing him more regularly on Tuesday nights from here on out.

Results are just in from Kansas City:

1 Tim Johnson (Cannondale/Leer/Cyclocrossworl)
2 Jonathan Page (Sunweb Projob)
3 Todd Wells (Gt Bicycles)
4 Barry Wicks (Kona Les Gets)
5 Troy Wells (Team Clif Bar)

Single Speed:

1 Marko Lalonde 34.13
2 Travis Brown 34.41
3 Clay Harris 35.18
4 Patrick Morrisey 35.23
5 Cameron Chambers 35.24

Had the FGBC made the trip, most of us would have been here. 170 riders in the 35+ Mens field:

Jonny G and I talked about putting the new jerseys to the test with a possible night ride tonight. Stay tuned.

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Coach Dave said...

Just heading out for a short 3-hour spin up the Trans Trail, but could probably be convince to put another 3-hour spin in this evening.

Anonymous said...

Big surprise there with treefarm sucking in the mudd. It was very exciting though to follow as I rang my Subaru cow bell alone and cheered on Wells as he laid it down the first part of the race. Oh well it sounded like it was a very euro Cross race mudd wise thats for sure.
On the womens side I was happy to see Compton destroy yet again . I'm still pissed at the riders in her first year in power who bagged on her for staying out of the races to keep her armature status. Knowing why she did it you'd think they'd respect her for sticking with her teammate and help at the games and also be glad there were scraps for them placing wise.

All in all a great weekend for racing in America and in Europa my guys are turning into a bunch of bums. whats up with Frattini? doesn't he need to feed his newborn with some race winnings? whats up with dlask ?
where the hell are the rest of my guys?

At least my lack of knowledge shows with the racers and my pride wouldn't allow me to pick obvious contenders:)

Dallas "I'm really looking forward to the winter 24 and all the sorrow that goes with it." Sigurdur

PaddyH said...


Trebon ended up in the hospital after getting his bell rung...litterally..whoa!!!

penner said...

Let me just say that snow is softer that other things that I have hit, (or almost hit).

The good Dr. did also manage to find a himself out of the tracks that fine evening.