Wednesday, December 19, 2007

last night, in verse: a rebuttal

Windowless back room
Stir Stick and Little Scrapper
Haiku Dave was there

Bad idea, huh?
Chit chat, greek pizza, good times
Can't wait til next week


PaddyH said...

do this more next week????
can the liver handle this?
never trust a fart.....?

halloewen said...

the gathering was splendorific, its just the consumption of the last piece (or two)of pizza that was the bad idea.

The Dark Lord said...

a bad idea?
no, just poor execution
harder than it looks

wayward machismo
talk of pickles and self-love
next week F & H

mhandsco said...


Is Hal wearing his backwards or is the Nordic Cross front AND back?

The Dark Lord said...

Front and back, baby. How else are people to know who's riding away from them?

that dave said...

ah, a time it was
so much fun without a bike
rock, paper, scissors

PaddyH said...

tnt wins, always