Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Night Soiree

Note the time change.

Note also that the ride to revelry ratio may be slightly more disproportionate than usual.

OTT: Pete Yorn, Life on a Chain


that dave said...

holy crap.

i thought i might be able to get back into the swing of things but my head is swimming.

pre-rides, sunday rides, ski clubs....

whatever will i do. i will make the effort to be present at 9 p.m. i have christmas concerts etc before hand.

do i understand correctly that the jersey's have arrived?

The Dark Lord said...

Jeresys are here. You have to pick them up in person. Not sure what's up with the pre-ride ride. Seems a bit on the immoderate side. Clearly, your absence is taking its toll.

PaddyH said...

9pm eh...will the posse be parading by the shoppe shortly thereafter to pick up those still being oppressed by the man until that time???

The Dark Lord said...

you got it.