Friday, December 14, 2007

They're here!

All 32 of them. And, yes, they look real nice. No spelling mistakes, as far as I can tell. Not sure, yet, when they will be available to the general public. Not today, though. I'm busy. Maybe tomorrow sometime. Details will be posted here. Stay tuned.

See below for how much you have paid. Subtract that from $100 and you get the balance remaining. Here's the rule: no money = no jersey.

Matt x 2: XL & S /Yup
Paddy x 2: XS & S/$200
Gianni x 2: S & XL/$100
gary x 2: M & M/$100
dr. h: L/$100
alberto (aka mr. mrs. dr.): XL/$50
mrs. dr.: S/$50
john l: XL/$50
tenacious v: XXL/$50
the president: L
el presidente: XL
dave: XL/$50
jonny g: XL/$50
jonny h: XXL/$50
neuf: XXL
the poosher/editor: L/$50
the secretary: XL/$50
juan e: L/$50
dallas: S/$100
cam: L/$100
luc: S /$50
scott: L/$50
deanna: S/$50
dave: M/$50
seema: S/$50
adam: XL/$50
jonny s: XL/$100


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Anonymous said...

Party down.
Now onto the matter of nationals.
Todd Wells had a great quote today which I feel sums up my feelings of the current champ.
"I think the best situation for Trebon is if we had it on a dry, power course or ON A SET OF TRAINERS- then he'd win for sure."
Well since it's cyclocross I pry to the Mud god that Ryan is punished for being a shitty former us mtb champ and cyclocross champ. In fact I'd like to pose this question "why would anyone pick him for the Cross pool knowing he's allergic to mud and rain and pretty much anything that's formidable?

Dallas "I pray Ryan gets his ass kicked this weekend and Wells wins again" Sigurdur

PaddyH said...

ass kicked or knocked out cold?.....