Friday, December 21, 2007

Travis Brown: Honorary Assistant Captain

There's only one Honorary Captain. Just as there's only one original poosher, only one Nordic Cross founder, etc. But I'm nominating Travis Brown to fill the vacant post of Honorary Assistant Captain. His frost covered 'stache from last weekend's cx nationals is a clincher. If there should be another round of 'stache-cross--just speaking hypothetically for a moment--I think we have ourselves a celebrity judge.

Speaking of last weekend in KC, here's a little highlight package, courtesy of Cyclofile.

Looks like the conditions were almost worthy of a Nordic Cross designation. But not quite as frozen. So more mud. Nasty.

OTT: The Rosebuds, Big Heartbreak


PaddyH said...

the scotch works...thnks.

The Dark Lord said...

you're welcome.