Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them?

It's time for another FGBC March Madness Pool update. I'm now only waiting on a bracket from Johnny S. But with 6 more entries received in the last couple of days (4 from El Presidente and his clan), it's time for an update. It may seem a little odd that three of the top four spots are now occupied by people whose brackets have just been received. But to those of you who are inclined to whine: don't. Not only does it make you look pathetic, I've verified that all brackets were completed before play began last Thursday.

For those of you who think you know what you're doing, the results may be a little humbling. The current leader is all of three (or is it four?) years old. Then again, something tells me he may have received a little help. Either way, the Altona village coalition of El Presidente and Co. is looking strong in the early going.

Jacob S - 47
David S - 45
Rachel - 45
Agnes - 44
Tim R - 44
William S - 44
Charlene - 43
Chris - 43
Harry - 43
Cheryl - 42
Myron - 41
Jonny G - 40
Cindy - 39
Hal - 39
Julia - 39
Vic - 38

Once I get the bracket I've been promised from Johnny S, that will bring the total up to 17 entries. This gives us a pot of $85. The winner is poised to receive $50, 2nd place gets $25, and 3rd place gets $10.

OTT: Dolorean, To Destruction


El Presidente said...

Leader Jacob Abram Sawatzky is actually 2 years old. 3 in July. And yes, he did receive some help (in all honesty William's picks were based solely on the RPI and Jacob's on the RPI power rankings. Looks like they know something.)

I'm particularily interested in "...I've verified that all brackets were completed before play began last Thursday. " And you're waiting for Jonny's? Make sure you "verify" when it was filled out, hey J-boy!

The Dark Lord said...

Johnny's hasn't been veriefied. But nor has it been received. Don't know if we'll ever see it. We'll cross that bridge when or if we come to it.