Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Madness Pool

50 games down, only 3 more to go. Here's where things stand heading into the final weekend. The big winner this weekend is Hal. After the first weekend, he was so far down in the scrap heap that one could be forgiven for writing him off altogether. But he's looking pretty sitting in 3rd place right now. The discerning reader will notice that Johnny S's bracket has been included. After he gave it to me on Saturday morning, I ran into El Presidente at the Altona Mall. He seemed to think Johnny's bracket might not be entirely on the up and up. He said something about it being on my conscience if I were to include it. Well, I've decided to include it anyway. I'm pretty sure my conscience can handle it. Besides, he's paid his $5 and he hasn't got a hope in hell anyway, so it's more money for the winners. I'll leave it up to El Presidente stir up some controversy if he likes, though. Just as I'll leave it to Johnny S to defend his good name.

Kind of a ho-hum weekend, all things considered. Davidson gave it a good shot. But in the end, it's a pretty boring bracket. All four #1 seeds advance for the first time ever. Conservatism is rewarded in the March Madness Pool. This is not good. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You know who you are. Dare I suggest that your FGBC credentials might be at stake for such an egregious display of prudence and moderation. A covert operation may be in order. Consider yourself warned.

To help you know how to cheer--or rather, to make it clear just who the enemy is here--I've provided the final picks and the total numer of potential points remaining from here on out. There's still plenty of jostling that can happen in the overall standings. Everything's still pretty much up for grabs. Even Cindy, Vic, and Rachel, who sit way down at the bottom of the pile after four rounds, can still make it into the money if things go their way. Jonny G, however, can not. In his best-case scenario, he can't even catch me. Sucker.

Charlene - 77 (UNC vs. Memphis; UNC wins; 17 points)
William - 75 (UNC vs. Memphis; UNC; 17)
Hal - 73 (UNC vs. UCLA; UCLA; 17)
Cheryl - 72 (UNC vs. UCLA; UCLA; 17)
David - 72 (UNC vs. UCLA; UNC; 17)
Tim - 72 (UNC vs. UCLA; UNC; 17)
Agnes - 71 (UNC vs. Duke; Duke; 5)
Harry - 71 (Notre Dame vs. UCLA; UCLA; 12)
Jacob - 71 (UNC vs. UCLA; UCLA; 17)
Chris - 70 (UNC vs. Duke; Duke; 5)
Julia - 70 (UNC vs. UCLA; UCLA; 17)
Myron - 68 (UNC vs. UCLA; UNC; 17)
Johnny S - 68 (UNC vs. Texas; Texas; 5)
Cindy - 63 (Kansas vs. Texas; Kansas; 12)
Vic - 62 (Kansas vs. Memphis; Kansas; 17)
Rachel - 61 (Tenn. vs. Memphis; Memphis; 12)
Jonny G - 57 (Kansas vs. Stanford; Kansas; 12)

OTT: Burial, Shell of Light


halloewen said...

is it really all that conservative? after all, this is the first time that all four #1 seeds have made it to the final four

The Dark Lord said...

Picking 4 #1 seeds is conservative. Whether it's happened before or not is beside the point. You should be ashamed of yourself. Both for your picks and for asking a dumb question.

halloewen said...

never ashamed to ask any question, dumb or not, because all my life i have been told by teachers and professors there is no such thing as a dumb question. better to pick the teams that have a chance than to make choices on blind faith.

The Dark Lord said...

Don't be fooled. That's just what teachers and professors tell students. It's all a part of a carefully concocted strategy to elicit the kinds of comments and questions from students that they go on to make fun of behind their backs.