Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Anticipation

Only 11 weeks away:

As if the anticipation of the Spring Ride isn't thrilling enough, I hereby officially unveil another exciting FGBC event for your anticipatory pleasure.

A few comments: first, the date isn't exactly set in stone. Mostly, I needed something to put on the poster. But July seems to me like a good time, since it's more likely to be hellishly hot. It's also far enough away to allow for a handful of shorter reconnoitering missions before finally settling on the details of the route. Second, I'm genuinely ambivalent about whether to approach this as a group ride or a race. I can go either way, and will heartily support whichever option seems most likely to secure the greatest number of participants. Third, the route: we'll begin at Tinker and head west, initially following last year's Red Ass route. But we'll depart from the Red Ass route after the first valley crossing in order to more fully take advantage of the hills and the valley. We'll stay on 201 until about Snowflake, which will allow us to climb up Suicide Hill. Then we'll snake our way back and forth across the valley to take in as much of the hurt that the climbs have to offer and the thrill that the descents will provide, before eventually making our way back to Tinker. Comments?

Also, I have spoken with the Haiku master, and we have determined that Haiku Cross will be on April 6. More info and an official poster coming soon.

And finally, a lecture: "What Does Planning a City Around Cyclists Look Like?" by Anne Vernez Moudon, Professor of Urban Design at the University of Washington. March 14 (tomorrow), 1pm at CMU. It's open to the public. Be there!

OTT: Gavin Froome, All Night


Coach Dave said...

It is only a 100-miler. Make it a race. Make it hurt. Make it good!

Gianni said...

Nice idea.

For some of us pack-fodder types, the difference between a group ride and a race is precious little, except maybe that we attempt some half-hearted sprint at the end. So... if it's a race, I'd support the idea of a turismo* class.

Would my presumption that either option (race or ride) would be self-supported be correct?

And singlespeed only?

*Box lunch - yes, tweed hat - no.

halloewen said...

double header weekend: 100 miles of hurt on saturday, a rocky race on sunday. excellent.

that dave said...

well this is the day before the pinawa cup race. but, well, i may show up.

The Dark Lord said...

Like I said, don't get fixated with the date. It's the idea that matters for now. If there's interest, we'll find a date that works. As it turns out, July 19th was a mistake anyway. I'd meant to do the week after Reach the Beach and somehow jumped to two weeks after when I called up the calendar. Details. They're not easy.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great idea and whenever it is I'm interested. Having said that I will have a newborn so there is always the X factor.

Oh and definitely a race. But either way sounds cool.

Dallas "gotta get my shit together soon" Sigurdur

mhandsco said...

Where abouts at CMU is that lecture, Dr.?

Coach Dave said...

If a 100-miler is tough stuff for back-of-the-backers (which might apply describe me as of late) then a group ride will be like a race, so why not just call it a race, ride like it is a race and be done with it.

The Dark Lord said...

Matt: The lecture is in the chapel, which is on the South Campus (the buildings on the south side of Grant Ave).

Dallas: newborn? Congrats, man! I'll be up to my elbows in baby shit too in July.

PaddyH said...

Great idea, whenever it happens.
In my experience, it might be best to call it what it sounds like it'll turn out to be: a "competitive ride". No-one questions whether they need insurance and Ian can have his Brooks saddle a riding chaps broken in....

PaddyH said...

Dallas changin' diapers?!?