Saturday, March 29, 2008


After the third round, the leader board has a bit of a new look to it. The Koops have made their move. Charlene and Cheryl both picked 6 out of the possible 8 games. Charlene grabs the lead while Cheryl has moved into a tie with El Presidente for 2nd place. Agnes, Jacob and William are right there as well. William still has a clean slate from here on out, but Agnes and Jacob are not positioned so well for the remaining games--e.g., Agnes has Duke winning it all. One crucial game, as far as the top teams are concerned, is the Memphis - Texas matchup. Charlene, Agnes and William have Memphis for the win, while David and Cheryl picked Texas. Jacob will concede 4 points there, as he had Stanford heading to the final four.

Charlene - 61
Cheryl - 60
David S - 60
Agnes - 59
William - 59
Chris - 58
Hal - 57
Rachel - 57
Myron - 56
Tim - 56
Harry - 55
Julia - 54
Cindy - 51
Vic - 50
Jonny G - 49

OTT: Breate Owl Breate, Ghost in the Morning Room


El Presidente said...

For anyone interested in watching the UNC-Louisville matchup tonight (8 PM CST) I'll be hunkered down at home and accepting visitors. Cardinal fans welcomed with a tepid handshake.

Since the tip-off coincides with Earth Hour 2008 we'll have the Tube on but nothing else. Except clothing. Clothing is NOT (I repeat NOT) optional at all NCAA tournament games viewed at Casa El Presidente. In fact, bring a sweater. You might need it. Oh...and a candle. We're low.

Anonymous said...

In typical Dallas fashion I'm changing the direction of the conversation.

Why is it I want to see my pro road cyclists race in weather that I don't ride in myself?
I mean really, all week I had been excited about the weekend group ride and then I get up this morning and the slop has hit the fan.
On the plus side at least I enjoyed a nice day at BHP running circles and wondering where all the cyclists were.

Dallas " someone teach me to ride a fixie." Sigurdur