Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dwars Door Vlaanderen: Done

Chavanel wins it. But not that Chavanel. Or at least, not the Chavanel that appears on four FGBC CLassics Pool teams. That would be Sebastian Chavanel, and the winner of the DDV is Sylvain. Sylvain the underachiever, who has a history of not living up to his promise. Sylvain who didn't even appear on our list of riders from whcih to choose. Why? Because he didn't crack the top 30 in any of these races last year. Or is it Sylvain the French (and so non-doped) rider who now has the opportunity to race on a more level playing field? Either way, his win today means that his name will appear on the list of riders for next year.

Full results and report from CN.


It's going to be a day or two until I get around to updating the pool.

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