Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Anticipation

Startlist (subject to change):

Johnny S
Jonny G
Chris H
Ian H
Hal L
Paul B
David S
Julie T
Gavin F
Brenda S
Haiku Jeff
Bruce P
Bruce's son
Curt F
Dan K
Dan's son
Juan Eppstien
Nick Eppstien

Question marks:

James F
LeAnn F
Alex F

Jonny L
Tinker James
Curt ?
Steven W
Ben K
Funeral Wall
Chris F
Joel F
Joel K

Could be a record turnout. It's not too late to sign on. If seeing the list of all the cool kids who plan to show up gives you a change of heart, drop a comment below.

Schedule of events:

2:30 Registration and team draws at the seeds of life church
3:00 Let the races begin
5:30 back to the clubhouse
- bragging, bitching, awards, rink dogs, wii, byob and a some food of any kind to share
8:00 Duke vs. Carolina

The Tour of Altona Organizing Committee is as follows:

The Duke - race official - team maker/point adder-upper
Paul B - prize committee/awards MC
David S - rink dogger
Johnny S - king of the castle

T minus 85 days:

Finally, the FGBC Spring Classics Pool continues on Saturday with the Monte Paschi Eroica. Startlists here. My team's hopes rest with Allesandro Ballan and Fabian Wegmann. This is an interesting new race. Here's a little preview courtesy of Pez:
Lovers of Paris-Roubaix can get an early fix of off-road action this weekend as the Italians tear up the tarmac for the Monte Paschi Eroica.

The race is based upon the 10year old cyclo tourist event that included a professional category for the first time in 2007.

The “Eroica” (or Heroic) cyclo tourist event is run over gravel roads in the Chianti region of Tuscany and encourages riders to participate on classic era bicycles to capture the heroic spirit of the ride. In a change from 2007, however, the RCS organised events will be split, with the Pro race being held in the spring and the cyclo-tourist event remaining on its traditional calendar spot in October. The Pros of course will not be forced to wrap spare tyres around their shoulders, or wear woollen jerseys to get into the spirit of the race, all of that will be saved for the cyclo-tourists.

Known in Italian as strade bianche (white roads) the seven unsealed gravel sections that form the heart of the unusual event, vary in length from 2.4km up to a butt-busting 13km with the 181km race finishing in Sienna’s famous Piazza del Campo.

PEZ favourite, Magnus Backstedt, was to be making his return to racing at l’Eroica, telling, “I'm not sure what to expect to be honest, but all I'll say is don't expect a 'heroic' ride from me! I just have to ease back into it and get myself used to jumping around again. Paris-Roubaix is my number one goal and I am back on target.” As we went live this morning, however, the big Swede is not on the official start list, so Stuart O’Grady of CSC may have to take the on the responsibilities of “former Paris-Roubaix Winner” in the Italian race.

In all, 120 riders will be contesting the event, won last year by CSC’s Alexandr Kolobnev and one very interested spectator will be The PEZ himself, who will be tackling the cyclo-tourist event over the very same roads later in the year.
CN also has a preview with some more detailed info on the various gravel sections, a race map, elevation chart, etc.

I can't find any decent video of the race, but here's a video of the cyclotourist version, complete with cheesy Italian music, vintage bikes and jerseys, knickers, and old cars. Bellisimo. Or rather, hilarious. Imagine an event that might appeal simultaneously to the Muddy Waters crowd (Colin's favourite bunch), the Friends of the Upper Fort Garry, and the vintage car dudes who hang out on Sundays in the Pony Corral parking lot. Actually--speaking of Colin--here's an idea for the not-so-Muddy Waters ride you've been talking about. There are lots of lovely gravel roads and hills in and around Tinker Creek and the Pembina Valley more generally. That bit from Tinker through to the next 20-30 km after La Rivierre was easily the highlight of Red Ass for me. That and the short naps on the side of the road between Portage and Headingly.

OTT: 16 Horsepower, Outlaw Song


PaddyH said...

that vid is sweet! good find!

juan eppstein said...

I see Nick and I in the unconfirmed category. You can bump us up to the start list - we plan to make the trek from Winkie to Altona for the afternoon.

juan eppstein said...

Um... I guess we won't make it after all. Too much to do, too little time. We made it to Winkler, but not with bikes.