Friday, March 21, 2008


The FGBC Spring classics pool resumes tomorrow with Milan-San Remo, the first of the so-called monuments. In other words, it's a big one. With more than a few years of history on its side. Among other things, this means that everyone will be there. Especially the sprinters. So those of you with Freire, Pettachi, McEwen, Boonen, Hushovd, among others, tomorrow could be your lucky day.

As for the race, basically it's 290 kms worth of rather boring riding to shed the chumps, and then the Poggio with 6km left to launch a few breakaway attempts for the sprinters to chase. More often than not it comes down to a bunch sprint. It sounds like everyone's annointed Oscar Freire as the odds on favourite to win it. But every now and then one of the attackers is able to stay away. That's what I'm hoping for. Team Creedence Tapes is not exactly built around sprinters.

Startlists here. Previews available from CN, VN, and Pez. For information on where you might be able to watch it, go here.

With MSR on our minds, this is probably as good time a time as any to remind ourselves that it's usually better to hold off on your victory celebration until you're sure you've actually won. Let's call it Zabel's law after studly Erik Zabel, who forgot this crucial nugget of bike racing wisdom at San Remo a few years back, getting pipped by Friere at the line.

Evidently someone forgot to explain the importance of Zabel's law to this guy:

Don't let it happen to you.

For those of you splashing around in the NCAA Pool, all I have to say is this: you only need one. One point that is. A one point victory is still a victory. And at the end of the day it's only wins and losses that count. Phew. I will update once I've received all the brackets. Go Devils!!

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