Thursday, May 08, 2008

BHP WNRS #2: Race Reports

I got two race reports in the mail today:

First, from LeAnn--the FGBC racing machine--branching out with a haiku race report. Nicely done, sister:
It was calm until
Jonny over handlebars.
"Did anyone see?"

Colin fills in a little more info:
Two riders crest the last rise before the last descent before the short flat leading to the finish line. Both riders are out of the saddle, their bikes are slashing from side to side in an all out effort to gain any advantage. Two cyclists, the class of the Sport category, on a narrow piece of single track are racing- not just for personal glory and the attendant fame, but for glory and honour for their team. It was inevitable. The crash is spectacular as only a bike crash can be. You can explain it by calculating the coefficient of friction between sandy soil and old worn out tires, the gyroscopic effect of wheels and the forward momentum of the bike; it will not diminish the awful and yet awe-inspiring effect a truly spectacular bike crash has.

The crowd gasped, and then fell silent. Mothers shielded their children's eyes, and the race officials stood dumbstruck. No one moved, no one wanted to approach the crumpled form in the black jersey. Slowly, phoenix-like, the rider in the black and red jersey struggled to rise. He pushed himself away from the dirt that moments ago had almost destroyed him, then to his knees, and finally, with a force of will that will inspire poems and songs for generations, he regained his feet. And then, to the cheers and applause of all in attendance, he plucked his bike from the dirt, swung one leg over the top tube and allowed gravity to restore his momentum.

The rider could have coasted into the finish line, and the feat would have been remarkable. But this was no ordinary rider. Once again, with a grimace that did nothing to mask the pain that was sapping his last reserve of energy, the rider wearing "the sweetest jersey in the world" crossed the finish line in an out of the saddle sprint. Johnny G. was home, and now he would rest.
Now we await word from G himself. That is if he is able to speak.

OTT: Johnny Cash, A Boy Named Sue

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PaddyH said...

whoa! that sounded almost biblical!