Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Millar Time?

In case you missed it, CN ran a feature the other day explaining the various jerseys of the Giro d'Italia. There is the Maglia Rosa, of course, worn by the overall leader. The Maglia Ciclamino (more of a purpley pink) is worn by the points leader. The top climber wears the Maglia Verde, while the best young rider is clad in the Maglia Bianca. Unlike the Tour de France, there is a jersey for the last placed rider as well: the Maglia Nera.

They have also introduced a brand new jersey for 2008: the Maglia Merda. This jersey is given to the most frustrated and upset rider, especially those who react to the misfortune that makes these races interesting with fits of rage. One popular method riders use to try and secure this jersey is the manouvre known as the bike toss. Fierly little Ricardo Ricco has had a grip on this jersey since his infamous bike tossing incident at the Tirreno Adriatico back in March.

But after today, the jersey is worn by David Millar. He was looking like the strongest member of a breakaway group of five. They had outfoxed the peloton and were not going to be caught. It was looking like this might finally be the day that Millar would mark his reemergance after his two year ban for EPO a while back. But then all hell broke loose. His chain snapped just outside the 1 kilometre banner. And then the man known as St. David snapped too, as he heaved his bike over the barrier in disgust.

Luckily, he was given the same time as last member of the breakaway group, since he was within the final 2 km. But instead of a likely stage win, he finished 119th on the day. Bummer.

The rest of his breakaway companions fared much better. Pavel Brutt attacked just as Millar's chain snapped, and he got a gap he would not relinquish. Johannes Frohlinger was a distant second, followed by Luis Laverde and Francisco Perez. Paolo Bettini led the peloton home about a minute later.

Over in the FGBC Pool, we had a tie. On a Long Enough Timeline the Survival Rate for Everyone Drops to Zero (Colin) and Stomach Full of Xanax (Laura, yes Laura!) tied for first place with 170 points each. Team Gasoline and Frozen Orange Juice, headed up by Paddy rounded out the podium with 120. Listen Up Maggots continues to wear the FGBC Pool version of the maglia rosa. They have an 80 point lead over Tonight We Make Soap.

Final 3 km:

Top 20:

1 BRUTT Pavel RUS TCS 5:04:52 0:00 20"
2 FROHLINGER Johannes GER GST 5:04:56 0:04 16"
3 LAVERDE JIMENEZ Luis F. COL CSF 5:05:02 0:10 8"
4 PEREZ SANCHEZ Francisco ESP GCE 5:05:17 0:25 2"
5 BETTINI Paolo ITA QST 5:05:23 0:31
6 PIETROPOLLI Daniele ITA LPR 5:05:23 0:31
7 RICCO' Riccardo ITA SDV 5:05:23 0:31
8 PELLIZOTTI Franco ITA LIQ 5:05:23 0:31 Maglia Rosa
9 VEIKKANEN Jussi FIN FDJ 5:05:23 0:31
10 CONTADOR Alberto ESP AST 5:05:23 0:31
11 GASPAROTTO Enrico ITA BAR 5:05:23 0:31
12 POSSONI Morris ITA THR 5:05:23 0:31 Maglia Bianca U23
13 VAN DEN BROECK Jurgen BEL SIL 5:05:23 0:31
14 MENCHOV Denis RUS RAB 5:05:23 0:31
15 SELLA Emanuele ITA CSF 5:05:23 0:31 Maglia Verde KoM
16 KLODEN Andreas GER AST 5:05:23 0:31
17 REBELLIN Davide ITA GST 5:05:23 0:31
18 RODRIGUEZ OLIVER Joaquin ESP GCE 5:05:23 0:31
19 SORENSEN Nicki DEN CSC 5:05:23 0:31
20 DI LUCA Danilo ITA LPR 5:05:23 0:31

GC after Stage 5:

1 PELLIZOTTI Franco ITA LIQ 21:46:49 Maglia Rosa
2 VANDEVELDE Christian USA TSL 21:46:50 0:01
3 DI LUCA Danilo ITA LPR 21:46:56 0:07
4 POSSONI Morris ITA THR 21:46:57 0:08 Maglia Bianca U23
5 NIBALI Vincenzo ITA LIQ 21:46:57 0:08
6 SORENSEN Nicki DEN CSC 21:47:06 0:17
7 SIVTSOV Kanstantsin BLR THR 21:47:07 0:18
8 SAVOLDELLI Paolo ITA LPR 21:47:08 0:19
9 NOE' Andrea ITA LIQ 21:47:11 0:22
10 GASPAROTTO Enrico ITA BAR 21:47:14 0:25
11 BELLOTTI Francesco ITA BAR 21:47:14 0:25
12 LARSSON Gustav Erik SWE CSC 21:47:17 0:28
13 KLODEN Andreas GER AST 21:47:17 0:28
14 PFANNBERGER Christian AUT BAR 21:47:17 0:28
15 PINOTTI Marco ITA THR 21:47:18 0:29
16 CONTADOR Alberto ESP AST 21:47:19 0:30
17 RICCO' Riccardo ITA SDV 21:47:22 0:33
18 REBELLIN Davide ITA GST 21:47:26 0:37
19 PIETROPOLLI Daniele ITA LPR 21:47:28 0:39
20 BOSISIO Gabriele ITA LPR 21:47:28 0:39

Today's Results:

Stomach Full of Xanax (Laura) 170
Gasoline and Frozen Orange Juice (Paddy) 120
Chloe's Libido (Johnny M) 100
Skinny Guys Fight 'Til They're Burger (Jonny B) 80
Tonight We Make Soap (Rachel) 70
Listen Up Maggots (Arlene) 70
I'll Take the Parasites (Chris) 70
I am Jack's Smirking Revenge (Brad) 55
A Predator Posing as a House Pet (Andy) 55
The Most Beautiful Day of Raymond K. Hessel's Life (Charlene) 55
A House Full of Condiments and No Food … How Embarrasing (Darryl) 35
B Times C Equals X (Hal) 30
Controlled Destruction (Ian) 30
You Are Not a Beautiful or Unique Snowflake (Dallas) 25
Remaining Men Together (David S) 25
Grade School Girlfriend (Adam) 25
His Name Was Robert Paulson (Bill) 5
Grande Latte Enema (James) 5
Ikea Nesting Instinct (Tomek) 0
I'd Fight Gandhi (Matt) 0
You Met Me at a Very Strange Time in My Life (Jonny G) 0
First You Have to Give Up (Craig) 0
Near Life Experience (LeAnn) 0
Project Mayhem (Donna) 0
Chemical Burn (Cam) 0

Overall Standings:

Listen Up Maggots (Arlene) 774
Tonight We Make Soap (Rachel) 694
I'd Fight Gandhi (Matt) 658
You Are Not a Beautiful or Unique Snowflake (Dallas) 652
Ikea Nesting Instinct (Tomek) 648
Gasoline and Frozen Orange Juice (Paddy) 626
Skinny Guys Fight 'Til They're Burger (Jonny B) 495
I'll Take the Parasites (Chris) 474
B Times C Equals X (Hal) 466
A Predator Posing as a House Pet (Andy) 452
His Name Was Robert Paulson (Bill) 441
I am Jack's Smirking Revenge (Brad) 438
Remaining Men Together (David S) 432
Chloe's Libido (Johnny M) 425
Grade School Girlfriend (Adam) 389
Grande Latte Enema (James) 351
Stomach Full of Xanax (Laura) 334
Chemical Burn (Cam) 323
The Most Beautiful Day of Raymond K. Hessel's Life (Charlene) 314
Near Life Experience (LeAnn) 280
First You Have to Give Up (Craig) 265
You Met Me at a Very Strange Time in My Life (Jonny G) 236
Project Mayhem (Donna) 234
Controlled Destruction (Ian) 230
A House Full of Condiments and No Food … How Embarrasing (Darryl) 217

OTT: The Pixies, Down to the Well

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