Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sweet race in the unofficial FGBC home parkade. 10 times up the spiral. Or rather 11 for most of us. Math is hard. Especially when you're dizzy from climbing in circles. An attempt was made at the clubhouse to sort out the results. It ended unsuccesfully. Here's what we do know. Luc won hands down. Chris was second. Matt was last. Everyone else was somewhere in between. Exactly where is complicated by the fact that nobody really knew how many laps they'd completed. But my photos of the finishers suggest the following order: Bill (he said he only did 9 climbs), Jonny G, the president, the secretary, Phil R, Matt, Jonny M (he said he did 11). Feel free to comment if you can help sort this out. A few close encounters of the vehicular kind did take place, but thankfully no collisions.

There was, however, a collision on the way to the clubhouse. Jonny M and Luc got tangled up just in front of the Burger King on Portage. It seems Jonny M got his bullhorn bars caught under Luc's arm. He smacked his head pretty good, and there was some asphalt surfing as well. There will no doubt be a distinct stinging sensation this morning.

Good times at the clubhouse. Jonny B was there to greet us when we arrived. Juan Eppstein showed up later. Among other things, he announced that the annual spring dogfest would take place next Tuesday.

On the way back home, Jonny G spotted a dumpster fire. Right behind Bergen's place. Crazy kids.

OTT: Deadboy & the Elephantman, Stop, I'm Already Dead


JohnM said...

my math was probably wrong...doesnt really matter

and yes, there was the oh-so-sweet sting of polysporin to wake up to...

JohnM said...

i like how im holding my hand just like the skeleton on my shirt

the secretary said...

if you would have skidded much further, your hand would look like the one on your shirt.