Wednesday, May 07, 2008

FGBC Classifieds

You might remember this as the poosher's steed. And in fact it was. But is no longer. It was acquired by Haiku Dave sometime after this past cx season came to a close. But he hasn't so much as taken it for a spin around the block. For shame. And now it's up for sale again. First $1099.00 takes it, he says.

OTT: Broken Social Scene, Love and Mathematics


PaddyH said...


wtf's goin on back out east???

Tom, get yer bike back!!!!

The Dark Lord said...

Tom is offering him $500. If we all stick together, he might just end up with the winning bid.

It does all seem a little strange, doesn't it. It'll take more than a couple of haike to explain this.

Gianni said...

Application of Occam's razor (i.e.; all other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best) yields this easy explanation:

In spring fancy turns
To internet Viagra
But how to finance?

that dave said...

languish in basement
better under a friend's ass
this fine piece of steel

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested, if it fits! TT and standover?