Thursday, May 08, 2008


So...I started off as many of us have in our first race...near the back. What do you know, everyone who ever said that "You just start out like a bat out of Hal and let them worry about passing you", was right. The long line of sport class riders entering the twisty single track seemed unending. There was a crash at the first sand pit which allowed me to pass 5 or so riders. This led me to believe that I was in for clear sailing. NO. The twisty bits seem to be difficult for many folk. I passed two groups of riders and then began chasing down one after another lone adversaries. There must have been close to 600 riders in total. As I approached the finish I spied one more foe. Then.....(see Colin's write up).

ah crap.

good times though.

and I am completly uninjured.

right on.


halloewen said...

too bad i missed the crash - yet it does not feel like i missed it at all, thanks colin.

way to go g. hope you had fun and did not pick up too many bruises. does anyone know if leanne missed the finish line again???

Anonymous said...

I just read on eurosport that David Arroyo broke his arm and is out of the giro. So now I'm begging the group to have mercy on me and allow a last minute substitution .
If allowed I would like to have Thomas Fothen.
If this isn't allowed than I hoe you all pee the bed tonight:)


Sorry I couldn't make the ride but things around the house and at work are a Little crazy right now. We got to hook up this weekend and I promise to buy you the biggest fancy coffee you want or a beer. whatever you please.

Dallas " I have prenatal classes this weekend and it's gonna be weird." sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

Yes you can replace him. But not with Fothen. You already have him. Francisco Perez Sanchez is out too, and another of other Caisse d'Epargne riders were involved in the crash during training. Bummer.

penner said...

the talk at the KOM thing tonight was the fierce crash at yesterdays race.

glad your OK