Monday, August 17, 2009

Alter 8 Report

Cold and rainy at the start, it made for a muddy first couple of laps, including a switchback section that was, like David Lindley, very greasy. But after the first lap it stopped raining and the trails got progessively better. Which is good, because it supplied a little extra motivation to keep heading out for another lap. The course was super sweet. Birch at its flowingest. The only thing lacking was the presence of spectators out on course. The first picture shows what looks like a superhero effortlessly flying up a hill. But in truth it is the ghost of a defeated rider, another sad and lonely victim of the subtle anguish doled out by OperaciĆ³n MUERTO. Head down, his lifeless body is slumped over the handle bars. And, though you can't see them, his sunken eyes confirm that the dwindling reserves of his spirit have just been sucked out of him thanks to yet another little climb. Though he is still riding, he is dead. But upon seeing Greg S with his camera hiding in the bushes, he perks up, flashes the international Fonzy salute as if to say "I'm okay," and even musters a little smile. Thanks Greg. Just what the doctor ordered. This confirms that life requires the presence of others. And also the truth of Berkeley's "to be is to be perceived."

10 laps for me. Dave D pounded out 12 to take the win. Nicely done. The boys from Portage put in a strong showing. The Morden/Tinker duo of Jeff and Alf rocked the team race with 13 laps. Results coming soon.

Overall, a very fine event that should have been enjoyed by more. RRR was absent, confirming that they are a bunch of fairweather sissies. But Halberto and Luc were there, along with Gianni, Jonny M, Prince Dan, as well as recent TNR attendies Graham and Josh competing as a team. Curt F was there for the ABES, with Back Alley Curt along for moral support. And the poosher was there too! His first race of the season, just in time for cx. He went out hard, finishing five laps before finding himself a cozy chair and settling into the portion of the race that was sponsored by Half Pints.

More photos here and here.

Other reports: DJ, Luc, Dave D, Nathan, Cory.


halloewen said...

a fine event and in my opinion ranks as one of the better races/events of the season. as the good dr. stated the course was superb. the camaraderie of the competitors was great as it usually is with marathon events. free half-pints beer, nice swag bags and draw prizes, who could argue with that?

alter ego put on really really good event and it was a blast to be riding the trails - some people missed a good one

KK said...

Sorry to have missed it. I blame it on the revised race date, not the weather.

PaddyH said...

glad it was all good, as I rode wet sloppy gravel on my road bike in the shyte that is our weather yesterday I thought about how bitter-sweet it would have been to have still been stranded in Mb...but then I remembered I told G that I'd be an alcoholic then too...

good thing XC8 is less than 3 weeks out.


"The" Alter boy said...

My favorite race again this year.
I agree with all previous posts, alot of fun.

I threw my blog together on my site.
Hope nobody minds me piggybacking here. :-)

Thanks to all who made this event awesome.

The Dark Lord said...

Sweet, DJ.

Link added.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you all out there.. Looked like a great event that I hope to be at next year, with all my fingers.
Hope to rub elbows with you at the first CX race if I can... Did I just say that? And I can't run..

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad to her the last muerto race was a blast. The course sounded great as did the camaraderie.

Now that the "TWEEN" races are done I think we should have 13 days of homage to the greatest cycling faction there is...cross.

Oh great barriers, please allow me to hurtle over you like the deer my father in-law will be hunting in cross season.

Oh great straight aways, please allow me to fly down you like I do the interstate going to a u.s race. Way beyond the safe speed but just before a disaster.

Oh great super fans, please continue to scream and cheer for me even though I look like death warmed over and am getting lapped. Continue to yell things at me even though all I hear in my my heartbeat in my head and my garbled name .

and finally

Oh great Belgium club mud bog, I know this summer you've been lurking and getting stronger waiting to extract revenge on all those riders who have had there pictures taken flying threw you at the Belgium race over the last few years. I heard from my local mud pits you've been planning your wheel sucking, shoe grabbing, endo revenge for the strong few who have made you look so pathetic to your fellow bogs. Please spare me, I have only tried to slip by you unnoticed on your edge and never once bragged about how I "owned your ass" to my friends. I beg you, when my wife and child come to watch this year don't claim me as an example. I promise I'll tip toe around.

Thanks and I'll see you soon.
Love, Dallas

Dallas "tween means between fastcore (sub 1) and gridcore riding ( lights required)." Sigurdur

PaddyH said...


halloewen said...

dallas - all this pent up lust for cross, wow is right as our alberta brethern put it.

vw: atonal - altona with a misplaced "l" or atonal, what i would sound like if i ever tried karaoke

Anonymous said...

There is all the bad pics I took.. boy I take pictures like I ride a bike lately.. crap.

Just put em up for a while if anyone wants too find themselves in the blurrr.