Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dallas, your team is a disaster

Check the number values and try again, please.

Basso (1) and Evans (2) adds up to 3, not 4
Davis (1) and Farrar (1) adds up to 2, not 4
Cancellara (1) and Horner (2) adds up to 3, not 4

Your reasons go some way toward suggesting that we should disregard the stringent criteria in your case. But not far enough.

Math his hard.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit I literally just grabbed guy that sounded fun and paid no heed to the math., You do know it's cross season right?

new team to follow very soon.

Dallas " Give me a break it's the vuelta, nobody even really cares who wins." Sigurdur

Anonymous said...

Okay here we go again...........

Basso-cannondale makes good bikes:) Oh that was chippo that said that.

Kirchen- because he wants this season to end so he can get back to the classics.

Davis-trying to put Bonnen out of work:)

Chavanel-had a good classics year and that's enoght for me.

Horner-you know why.

Tuft- hardcore canadian!!!!

Gadret- yep
Boom- yep

Better? If not then just give me a team that is randomly gererated but your youngest child.

Dallas "I'm only in it for the chatter." Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

Much better. Thanks.